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Overhead shot of the town
to find 40PF standing in front of crowd
Pan left
there’s the hold-em shot, she’s the one with the Jordan IV high-tops
color way by Isaiah Scott.
Now go long, ultra wide, field of size my dick in a dick pic
You’ll be pleasantly surprised (I joke)
Two shot of a couple of kids fucking up simple kick flips on the sidewalk lip
Now freeze this frame for Ant, Soffe shorts, C cups, and yoga pants
quick cut to a dance
her booty clapping fast who would’ve thought white girls with ass so dense
could last this long with a wide angle lens
could pass over with a crane. We’re killing it, they can’t be contained
Can we get this girls name? It’s Desiree I think, THANKS
Now kick this beat hard let’s the leave track to relieve scars go

When I write, it’s a critical strike
On the mic, I ignite
Blaze your brain till it’s high as a kite
And goddamn, this beat is tight
Makes me wanna spit
On a roll
Let’s go
Fo sho, Fo-Jay going out of control
Like a domino, set em up and knock em to the floor
Indivisible rhyming miracles, since our shit was 70% satirical
And now we’ve grown up, honed up the craft
Rocking other entertainment, loving making people laugh
Futile to resist, impossible to misinterpret
The future’s looking bright as a bitch
Shiny like a magnitude negative 25
Flying high up in the sky like Delphi’s god
damn, what you gonna say
When you get to listen to my boy Anthony J

Holla back, late night menu snack
Sixty acre beat farm, we be swimming keeping up laps.
Track and Field, hit the ground running with our hands.
Beat the ever loving shit out that goddamn mat.
In fact I be a big fish swimming in a small tub.
Tongue stud, damn girl, can I get another one?
Born from a killer, I die as a killer.
I break the barrier between right and wrong.
In song and in session, call you out in confession.
Pastor Jackson knows all your many imperfections.
What’s the question? I zoned out, like the porno shop
next to the fucking truck stop.
I know the owner Debbie, she had me at “Fuck me”.
She gave me two tapes, and all I got to say.
“Baby got back with an ass like that”, I said.
“Baby got back with an ass like that”.
Go Scurvy!

Feel the rhythm, feel the rhyme
Frames coming at you like it’s bobsled time.
Up in your grills, giving you chills.
Beats so good it’s gotta be a crime.
Want my advice? Never think twice.
A twenty could hit with a roll of the dice.
Oh shit, that’s a crit.
Take your turkey with rice
And find a lady who’s nice and one that’s full of spice.
Feel the flame, feel the fire.
You got what you got, ‘cause you got no desire.
Watch your damn mouth, won’t settle for a liar.
The lyrics gonna pop the top off The Shire.
Make them hobbits shimmy and shake.
You want to change the dial, you better pop them brakes.
We’ll steal your whip, and then we’ll change the plates.
Like some cold mother fuckers playing GTA


from Monstrosity, released December 1, 2017
Features: Wyatt Furtherton, Forrest Jameson, Anthony Jackson, Scurvy D
Produced by: Wyatt Furtherton
Mixed by: Anthony Jackson


all rights reserved



Forty Psychic Frames North Carolina

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