by Anthony Jackson

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released March 14, 2007

Anthony Jackson, Scurvy D, DJ Dizzump, Wyatt Furtherton


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Forty Psychic Frames North Carolina

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Track Name: Figure 8 (feat. Scurvy D)
Click out sha'blow!
Pick your teeth out the pavement, Nymph!
Mind coked-out, a derangement.
Forgive me father for I have sinned,
You know I'll get out this fucker and do it again.
Follow your thug back to some years that passed
Some call it "Misery", well bitch it be my history.
Record three pointers with my basketball,
absence of scouts 'cause my team be Juvie Hall.
I used to play with Leslie, we be ten years old,
and now she tries to figure out which dick to blow.
Flow by flow is how I made my dough,
but some I'd steal enough to get me down to Asheville.
It was hard for a couple of months,
but you know eventually I stuck it in a cunt.
Rhymed with Wy and my boy Forrest J,
then this high mother fucker, yo, Scurvy take it away!

Scurvy D:
Back in the days before The Frames
The View was the stoop my crew and I claimed.
I learned the value of a loop
How to weave a rhyme that put others to shame
and the magic of getting blazed.
I drop out a shout-out to Lurch
a sharp mind, eyes on the search, a smirk
watching Kung-fu flicks while his mom was at church
then there's Doc always quick to mock,
don't split the tree when you talk,
or you're in for a spot of bad luck
we got stuck
in the end the ones who split up like
wind does to dust
expect all that go to bust, nothing to trust
let it go it's a must
'cause even iron will fucking rust!

The past be past, but the present be present
'cause I be giving you gifts Monica,
it be Bill Clinton your President
Ha! no cigars up your cavity
Here's ya tampon bitch
you ragging and nagging me.
All this shit in my body
chilling with adrenaline
Tell yo friend "Bye" before you see me killing them.
I'm a sure shot, be sure to keep shooting
Look into my eyes, pupils be diluting.
Slide your fat ass here and give me a moment
Your moves be so raw I got to let you know, ho
Now ho, I got to let you know, ah yeah ha!
Imma fuck you from behind...
Track Name: Dr. Jekill and Mr. Hide (feat. DJ Dizzump)
DJ Dizzump: Anthony!
Anthony: Yo, DJ Dizzump, what up neah? You going to be on this track?
DJ Dizzump: Not a fucking chance motherfucker.
Anthony: Ah damn
DJ Dizzump: Yeah. Take a sip from the fucking Pabst Blue Ribbon
Anthony: That's right! Motherfucker. Drink that fucking Pabst neah
DJ Dizzump: Oh! I don't know is that Pabst done? Seems like it. You might want another one son.
Anthony: Oh shit!
DJ Dizzump: *Star Wars droid noise*
Anthony: A-DJ-Dizzump

I got the bat, so I must be the batter
When I roll through your town,
all you mother fuckers scatter.
I hide behind the Jekyll, you can't see me!
I be in A'vill, here's your fatality.
Drink a few more beers, you know it won't hurt
Switch to third gear the last thing you see is a nurse.
Dig up the dirt, laying down in a box,
In the back of a hearse, reverse, it gets worse.
Ho-tel, Ho tell me
To get in and rob the minibar.
Staining the sheets, let's take a bath
I insist, Bitch! You know how it is!
I be Anthony.
Fucking shit up and rob your ass for free.
Gabriel Utterson, I mutter some
You're my lawyer, so get me off the hook!
The thug you don't want to pester
Automatic Ammunition.
Stallone Sylvester.
I got to keep it real, so I got to proceed
Take it back to the old school days of 220.
Track Name: Myrtle Beach (Ocean Blvd.)
One lap dance please, stripper on your knees
No STDs? Grab your ankles and squeeze.
Man what's that, a tat above your ass crack?
Something to stare at while I hit you from the back!
Well I gotta be Frank, now your pussy is a sperm bank.
Not a skank to respect.
Damn my dick is erect and ready to inject again.
Out and in, out and in, and down..
Ocean Blvd., I'll steal a car, go so fast I can't get
picked out by a radar.
One more stop on the way,
it's my essay Jose with an 8-ball buffet,

Step back up from the sand
Bitch don't spike that shit with your volleyball hand.
Oops, titty popped out they can see it from the shore,
Click, with a disposable camera from the store.
Get back in I'm dehydrating,
Jack and Coke, bartender will be making
Tip her with a Ben and tell her friend
to meet me at the room
can you fucking comprehend?
She looks good, made up with eye-liner
God I hope that she ain't a minor.
Designer dress ripped to shreds
A knock knock knock, a bust in
by the motherfucking feds.
Pull out her muff and grab my stuff
out the window without glass cutting me up.
Fire escape running down fast
Maybe cliché,
Fuck it, I got away

Sluts are trouble
even if they got a bubble
but ho's are worse 'cause you don't get your moneys' worth.
That's my problem: no more dough
Out like a fag on the Will & Grace show
Out of gas too I commit another crime
What's it up to, three, four, or five?
I got to drive out of Myrtle
North to Calabash, deep fried food
head to west.
JBLs booming in my ears
Picked up from Putt-putt,
they be souvenirs.
Holy shit that vacation was fun!
This time I didn't even have to pawn my gun
Like a re-run.
Track Name: Behind the Green Door (feat. Wyatt Furtherton)
Straight-legged Barbie doll bend,
with patents pending
Matel sex dolls
Now you can play the role as Ken
Mini-skirts for children only ten bucks a pop
Same price for porn when you order from the cable box.
Fuck all that give me them thirty second clips
Tommy's Bookmarks bitch, right click and then you save it
Action Jackson, call me the Milf Hunter.
I wonder, if I'm addicted to crows feet
Teach a teat sucker a thing or two
About 8th Street Latinas or the BangBus on Park Avenue
Bow wow wow, yippie yo yippie yay.
Snoop tell Dre that I just fucked his wife
That's ok though after I banged madam
I wrote some lines, placed them underneath
her diaphragm for him.
As for you Huggy Bear, promote some more sidekicks
Calvin, you know what? Don't fuck with a Psychic!
Time does fly when you're having fun
Just like on Bibbington where you still don't hear a gun

Give me
Give me a name a street a time a place a date
and tomorrow you'll start worrying that you'll be late.
I got stalker hookup, don't lookup I'm there,
What's up?
Let's put up with our eyes closed shut in your daddy's truck.
What kind of colors do you see in me when we're breathing in?
The back of a Civic EX, grey, with rain on tin.
One handed bra release, I'm under the sheets,
is this density to be sex meat in your freshman memory?
I'm not hearing about your third your first your last boyfriend,
or the size of the blunt object that he beat you with!
Just let me or DJ D or Anthony treat you right for the first time,
so bad you won't believe girl, oh!
Track Name: Black Jack (Las Vegas)
“Do you need anything?", asked the stewardess.
I said "I request to see a nice pair of tits"
Mile High, up the sky, my monster with one eye,
poked her in the kidneys until she cried!
Landing the plane in the city of sin
Get a wad out of pocket, start some gambling
If you got big tits you're going get big tips.
Maybe after your shift I can serve your some dick.
It ain't over yet, though, so get back to work, ho
My nose hit ski slope, 'cause C got me a kilo.
Ease my brain with some titties in my face,
Pure in Caesar's Palace got the tail that Anthony will chase.
Placing some winnings in bitches panties,
Flicking thongs with my teeth, time to unleash my beef.
Bouncers see this shit, now I'm not incognito
I bargain with them, “Don't throw my ass out of the Casino!”
Take them boys back for a game of roulette,
Russian style, no regrets, mother fuckers, place your bets
To their surprise, I load my trick forty five,
Make them blow out their mind, but I still be alive.
Get back in, she see's I'm staking
$305, prostitute will be taking
Red ghost, white ghost
Pocket most of the cash.
What the fuck did I say?
What did she slip in my glass?!
Comatose: I'm passed the fuck out!
I dream of that girl with a pistol in her mouth!
"You used to this huh?!"
I yell at her face, I blow the guns load
The last thing that she tastes
Blam! I wake up with a glock.
I wish it be a mop, 'cause the bitch's head just blew off!
Martha Stewart cleaning tip,
Removes the blood stains out the carpet.
Steal my money, steal your life
Steal a G's honey and go fuck his wife!
Get my cash back and a little of hers
Lucky day for me huh?
It be the shit I deserve.
This ain't nothing 'cause I got more cheese than Forrest.
You be peeping his, but peep mine bitch!
Hold this mother fucker back!
Feel like I'm robbing these fools,
'cause look who just got “black jack”.
Oh look at you cutie with that big round booty,
You ain't gotta be a waitress,
You should know this!
And I got to say honey this is where my story ends,
but this could be another time where my dick begins to extend.
Track Name: Club Banga
Ladies in the front going "Nah neah heeah hah",
while the bitches in the back going "Fliggity Flack!"
Homies on the stage blasting "bloaw bloaw bloaw",
while the titties be bouncing going "Blblbobub Bou Blblbobobh Boh"

Some call him Joe, well I be calling him Jose.
Tripping dollar bills, tipping out of the suitcase.
Up ahead it's Benny Hill and Jessica Rabbit,
She be using a strap on dildo to fuck him like a faggot.
Hallucination yeilds a candy-coated frustration,
Cap a fucker dead, coke-heads forget the population.
Whats that shit flipping up in the side of your bike spokes?
It be making that sound, you know, the sound when a dyke chokes.
It's the same damn game of chains verses the rope.
Freaky shit happens after you do some lines of coke,
Fat lines of cocaine like Dean Cain and Nick Lachey
Ant be one degree away from fucking Dimpson wit a J
Five times five equal twenty five then you die.
I can't discriminate all the posititues I penetrate.
“Feel well”, well what if I don't want to feel,
all I want to do is kill!


Load up on gats and bring your friend
it's time for my fucking ass to begin
I be straight up with you like Paula Abdul
Won't lick her clit, 'cause she be ugly as shit.
Everything around me is giving me a migraine
Ah come on Scurvy D you said that bitch was 19.
Man this party's banging, cocaine and moonshine
“Sign my sneaker AJ”, kicking fans to the side.
Double dribble in the street: twenty dollar penalty.
Cough it up fuckers, Ant be the referee.
You play the beat ball with a Psychic now.
I know your fucking moves, so I keep your points down!


Pick me out of a line up, you better sign up for witness protection
'cause I can see through glass.
Coke snorting, ho escourting, fuck me for money,
when I be at the bar, pull a chair up honey.
Wax on, wax off, pull the hair out your pussy
make an AJ in it, 'cause you got to represent.
Underneath it's getting wetter,
Imma ring your bell and fuck you well.

Fambrough in Korea
I'll see you throwing hand grenades at the beeyas
certified at that shit, right the fuck on target
Ho's slanted eyes, bang them right
give that bitch some fun
fuck the one for forty forty son!


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