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Track Name: Gangstaish
Up in the cellar stairs ghosts chill in eternal chairs,
break dancing to the beats by Ol' Dr. McSnare.
We heard the chains rattling, it sounds kind of like my Gatling,
and now I'm just chatting with the ghost of Pimp Tap Tapping,
but look at me, we are just three plus two and Drew if you count Daniel and Ste-Steve.
Pimp masters supreme, Asian girls jeans, cream cream, Hot Dave and Mr. P

Blazed so much I can't stop blinking,
forgot my name so I better start thinking.
Thoughts so cold they make you shiver,
knife to the gut removes your liver.
Piss on your brain, throw it in a river.
Dropping kids at the pool, yes, you'll discover.
More tokes from the bong, so I'll recover.
DJ D off the mic with a flash of the finger.

Scurvy D:
How many times have I hit this weed?
My head spinning round like its a dream.
gotta break out, and feed my need
for fly ass shorties and paper green.
We ride strong, all day long
and you won't see us 'till the bud is gone.
Like gold pressed latinum we're here to stay,
so its best to just get out of our way.

My name Is C.H., but they call me Xplicit.
I'll be busting rhymes that other nias couldn't compete with.
I'll have everybody guess what state I'm in.
I'm into making records that spin like rims.
Uh, I hope you heard, I be choosy with my words.
Throwing pennies at all the has-beens begging on the curb.
There was Forrest, in a Taurus.
He pulled before us, riding his brakes, I ate a snack cake.
On the way.

DJ Dizzump and Xplicit now rapping with Psychic Frames.
We be running up and busting up, blasting all through your game.
We be snatching all your fans and robbing your fame.
Till suddenly nobody even knows your fucking name.
Got Xplicit in the Teg hotboxing it up.
DJ Dizzump Counterstriking man he's sniping shit up.
Pass the Ciclon over here, pour it in my cup.
Cause I'm driving to your momma's house to ask her whats up.

Egyptians lock up your daughters
or you be giving interviews on that show with Barbara Walters
My ninja be crazy
Fuck the hos in the pyramids
Get ready
And everywhere he go he be getting in to the pussy
Nothing no more
Drive-bys get old you know?
I'll break your fucking back with a bat you fucking ho
John Ritter
Don't be a bitch-ass quitter
Eight Simple Rules needs you like i need your sexy sister
Track Name: Masta Controlla
Press the button on the wrist to swallow the frozen Iron Fist
a play at home plate with Chris Sabo and Carlton Fisk in the bottom of the third
Pull back to make your neck snap open with cat's [who are] clawing at your spine
And then twelve feline being will clean their paws of your blood
and seven more will moan to eat the dirty mud
And days will past faster than you'd ever would have liked and you'll want to die more than you should
So just sit back without attack or lack for reading decent paper back books
and we'll go to the place where you watched the horse race
trample two jockey's hoof straight through the face

Scurvy D:
You can never take me whole if you catch me at all
I put ninety percent of myself in these bars
every rhyme I write is written in blood
every time I grab the mic prepare for a flood
a torrent
ever growing deluge
of bad breath that reeks of chronic and booze
a short tempered artist with no fuse for fools
Master! Controller! Paid more than his dues!
I'll say it again, "Got a group with no bitch."
everyone a player handy in a pinch
each a mic wrecker ready to sin
on constant lookout for the next piece of trim
Track Name: Arise, Awake, For It Will Be Told
Silent night, moon light, casts light from above
As my eyes shine bright, feel the darkness of love
Felt my heart drop as I drew that line in the sand
And had to watch you walk right past...
So I walk out to the road, fired up the whip
Choke down those feelings that amass within
It was the longest drive since my life began
On that dark road, where my rampant thoughts run cold
Rolled up creeping, cut down the bass
Finish up that 40 track just to slow my heart race
Open the door, step out, one foot at a time
Head to toe in black, a metaphor for my mind
Same night, same light, but it casts you out
Take a look at my shadow, watch evil smile back
Take a little solace with a simple act,
caressing smooth cold steel strapped to my back

Blue-green eyes, locked onto white lines
passing by through the light, perforated like your lies
I can still hear your sigh, no matter how hard I try to block it outta my mind
Tonight you will cry
And no amount of tears will ever conceal
The fact that you're with him (tighten my grip on the wheel and steer)
Blow through a red light, next left, then right
No police in sight, think I just might have to take your life,
take back what you took of mine
Tell myself that I'll feel just fine if I leave no sign
that you ever had my heart, that we never grew apart,
that I didn't have to blast you both
Getting close, driving past the park where we met
I won't forget the beginning of the end
Check the nine at my hip, fully loaded clip
Pull up, into the night I stealthily slip

One or two blocks down, third house on the left
takes a quick burst of courage to take that first step
I stare up to the sky and then I stare right through
takes a moment to shake that haloed vision of you
But I have to slow my breathe and relax
There's no dodging the swing, executioner's axe

As it falls down, my blood runs cold through the trail of my veins
The thought of you, my unholy angel with another man
Cunningly holding another's hand
I know he's here, cause I can see his blue van
parked out front and I fuckin' know what's up
You better fuckin' believe I'll interrupt, my love

House looms up, plenty of bushes for cover
Feel adrenaline surge, tingles flesh all over
While outside...in the dead of the night
that single bay window is shining awful bright
That picture...is worth a thousand words
There you are, my shining star, sat across from another

And I can tell he's your lover, cause the way you look in his eyes
is the same way you looked in mine
And I can feel the fatefull chill up and down my spine,
a sharp, urgent reminder that it's almost time
So I climb the steps, foot down on the floor
of your front porch, then I walk to your door
Never once before did I think it would come to this
I smash it open with a kick
And a kiss, the bliss that I miss the most...do I perceive?
Ghost of what I used to be
God, how could you deceive?
And you know.
Your eyes grow wide as I step inside, my heat high
Your partner in crime lets out a cry
and I eulogize, three last words
Moment nigh, finger flinch, and then I...AND THEN I...

Collapse to my knees, carpet soft to the touch
Take in this vision, it's almost too much
But the blood spray tells the tale better then words
I can't pull my gaze from steaming holes in your skirt
And life speeds up and then slows to a crawl
It's hard with muddled thoughts to make sense of it all
But in all... it's just all that you can expect
I shake my head and awake
I got decisions to make
and those last two steps are the hardest of all
I got to walk through that door and down that hall
Look in your eyes, see the void in mine
About that time for that steel to shine
And the door slams shut.
Is that moment enough?
Cause I need it to be, cause I need it to see
the clear path you're about to walk with me,
it's a conscious decision on a dead end street
Track Name: Dawg the Booty Hunter
Big Bad Dog
Booty Hunter

She got a warrant out for her arrest.
The wanted be described as having extra large breasts.
Tricking be illegal in the state of Hawaii,
but Dawg be legal if you wants to try me.
Your face banged up, I know you're nice,
but tell your pimp to stay the fuck off the ice, bra.
I got my posse and they got my back.
My boy DMX yellin'
"Uh, where my dogs at?"
The booty be out, so dog got to hunt
There's no place to hide, let me get that cunt
Your behind's fine and your front look good
We both be the same straight from the hood.

There's fear and darkness all around you,
and your booty's on the run.
Dawg be here to fucking tap you.
I make you cum 'cause I'm your dog
Big bad dog
Booty hunter

Leland in the back cracking jokes at his pop.
Got Beth in the front titties popping out her top
SUV speeding down the freeway.
Sting operation, no getaway
Chevy truck Chase makes good TV
Off camera, off scene
Dawg spreading them cheeks
Lickity splits, slide off that thong
Sized extra large and that tag ain't wrong
Hips gyrating, felatiating
Thugs be hating, gave me x-rating
Pussy Crusher be my nick name
Rise to fame 'cause I play the game

There's fear and darkness all around you,
and your booty's on the run.
Dawg be here to fucking tap you.
I make you cum 'cause I'm your dog
Big bad dog
Booty hunter

Cougar at the bar, I know she patrolling.
This dog smell the scent, no one for fooling.
Give my number, it ain't 9-1-1
Holla back neah if you wants some fun.
Beth goes to bed about 10 till 9.
Call me then 'cause your booty be fine.
Back to the crib flip on the TV,
watch some shit, it ain't A&E.
Need a smoke?
You can finish off my pack.
The least I could do
'cause you be draining my sack.
Fucks me some, I'm about to bust while she be screaming "In Dawg we trust!"

There's fear and darkness all around you,
and your booty's on the run.
Dawg be here to fucking tap you.
I make you cum 'cause I'm your dog
Big bad dog
Booty Hunter
Track Name: The Shit
Poody here with a mic attack,
make my voice heard on a another forty forty track.
Got something to say about the way I play,
I’m going to live my life, like it's my last day,
‘cause players fuck up, and sometimes get caught,
by the police looking for a quota spot.
I can't run away, I got to face the day,
pent up in the motherfucking prison,
Grey suit that never fits,
what the fuck did I do that no one gets away with?
It's not who you know, but what you got to pay,
to break through the bars to feel the light of day.
On your shoulders and on your feet,
showing liquid gold even though it's concrete.
So listen up, here's my advice
submerge your life in a sea of vice.
You never know when it's going to stop,
just on a hunch of an asshole cop,
that shackles wrist in a silver cuff,
spouting evidence that's clearly a bluff.
Flash my finger to the law and judge,
that lock me up with an empty shrug.
Just know someday that I’ll be out
on a covert mission to make you shout.
In ever lasting pain and agony,
revenge for the year you stole from me.

Scurvy D:
I think we going to cipher,
deliver more hits than Rowdy Roddy Pipper.
Lay it down with my brothers in the Trifa.
Add one more 40 Frame just to spite you.
I'll knock you around, hit you in your dome,
docs will send you home with Russian syndrome.
your speed twice weak, you play half strong,
we do it much better, while taking shifts from the bong.
It won't be long, you'll be pumping this song,
it’s no surprise, we've been the kings all along.
But it’s okay Chets,
this ain't the end yet,
new song to get,
so just don't sweat.
We got the greed,
and the need,
a good blend of weed,
we got the jams to make your ears bleed.
Now you a fiend,
hooked on this scheme,
we just a team,
with the need to get C.R.E.A.M

If you want to get fucked up,
I’ll tell you what's tight:
Mix everclear with Gatorade electrolytes.
Experimental jet sets the decibel level.
Crunk up the bass and beat out the treble.
My shit be high rise, investing enterprise.
Stock market crash, Booyah taking cash.
Find your dictionary, look up ‘thug’,
There's a picture of me.
Take time out to please.
Lady on her knees,
suck it, suck it, suck it, suck it, all night long.
Sweet as the creme inside my ding dong.
Like Rob Lowe, I’ll be an outsider.
It’s hot burning up in St. Elmo’s Fire.
I’m tired, blood be thick in my veins,
this beat blow your head off like
Kurt-Kurt Cobang.
Phallus in Dallas to Angelica Houston.
Everything's bigger in Texas right?
Break me off a piece of that ass.
Beta 58 I’ll pass.

On the mic, on the blunt, not the cunt,
or a Vicodin in the back of the label's trunk.
3 plus 2 plus the ten run rule,
e-i-g-h-t plus or minus a few.
I swallow three pints of blood,
it's sick and I'm sick with
this shit floating through my brain liquid.
Tell me I'm done, I don't recollect
I just forget about what I'm done with.
It's just do re mi,
can I still see?
With this s-h-i-p,
without the sea?
Cash flow broke more than your eskimo knows
life more dead than the hair your barber knows.
Drilled through this, look at these!
I got bloody fists and I've got more than three.
Drilled holes and a half of a fifth,
is this death or just sickness.
Care is harder than wear, and bare is worse than the New Jersey toll fare.
And I can see it in the air tonight, and we're "ready to fight"
so don't choke when you bite.
Track Name: That's the Way We Are (feat. Nothingman)
Scurvy D:
One for the money!
Two for the show!
Three it's gettin' heavy!
I ain't holdin' back no mo!
Got a grip on the mic
gonna let the flow take control
this shit is necessary like green in the bowl

This music is classless
it's impact can shatter
rich ass bitch or broke fuckin' bastard
it can teach not to quibble over shit that don't matter
when survivin' the game minus TV cameras
we don't get a prize to live out lives
so whats it matter to you if I choose to get high
when nobody s hurt tell me wheres the crime
the last time I checked its not yours its mines

Nothing Man:
Yo let me take to a place where we're coming from
The sorry side of nothing equals nothings yo
that's where we're coming from
The farther living from the point of living from the closets star
Fuck a car, I take a bus to the next star
and when I get there its all the same anyway
We'll give a fuck someday, yeah we'll give a fuck someday
yeah we'll give a fuck someday, we'll give a fuck someday
Hey thats the way we are, yeah, thats the way
yeah thats the way we are

Scurvy D:
That's the way we are
we say fuck your car
and catch scars in bars
and by far
the most def at this
we rock shit
pass the spliff
DJ D two hits
Forty Frames the demps
and when I break it off
no need to get cross
bitches drop ya bras
Nothing Man is in charge
my boys large
headin' out to stars
beats by the barge
Scurvy D is hard

I'll take the next boat
and gloat
when ya ass boasts that
your music is close
but heres a real does
of a thing that brings
a spine ting
and makes ya ears ring
while sirens sing
Catch the bus it's a must
no fuss
real life or bust
suck on our dust
that that's the way we are
That's the Way we are!

Nothing Man:
Yo let me take to a place where we're coming from
The sorry side of nothing equals nothings yo
that's where we're coming from
The farther living from the point of living from the closets star
Fuck a car, I take a bus to the next star
and when I get there its all the same anyway
We'll give a fuck someday, yeah we'll give a fuck someday
yeah we'll give a fuck someday, we'll give a fuck someday
Hey that's the way we are, yeah, that's the way
yeah that's the way we are
Track Name: RBC
Ain't nobody going to hold us back this time, do or die.
And we're going to fly, raise your hands to the motherfucking sky.
Just so you know, we are the Forty Psychic Frames,
Never the same, but we always maintain,
And our rhymes bring pain like a shot to the brain,
And I'm hardly sane, lighting flames with the propane.
Psychic Frames with the style of the Crane,
Aim, take a shot, whatever you got,
You can't match our expertise with cash.
Hack and slash on a 20.
Naturally apt to bash,
and smash your ears in with these lines,
all the time, it's a sign
That my words turn water into, into

Rhyme shows up and its ready to bust, it's about to set it off, straight adrenaline rush
Rush right past and you're ready to blow, it's a kick crack cracking fucking 40-p show
Right to the left, and left to the right, put your ear to the speaker fucking sitting front row
Real fighters in the front, spinning discs in the back, your mind explodes, 40 psychic attacks
Bounce to left and bounce to the right, put your hands in the air, fucking feeling the might
Bound to your feet when you hear the track, it's easy to remember the name and react
Bout to set it down, set it up, set our sights, it's so easy with the lyrics so right
Bout to set it down, set it up, set our sights, we make it look easy, with a crew so tight
Crack, crack-a-lack, as my boys attack, Wy-man on the beat and it’s a criminal act
CH isn’t here, but his storm explodes, I’m sure he’d say something bout blowing your loads
Counteract Fojay and he’ll cause you pain, flipping your shit is the name of the game
Can’t have a track without Scurves and Ant
They be the illest fucking killers since fucking sliced bread

Take back the books that you left
the vinyl, the secret notes
those enclosed in envelopes bereft of anything sincere
so here you go my dear
I'm going to say what you don't want to hear
or do you? "I do!" "No you do not"
this stopped at the drop of a cliche "Let's talk"
you left behind all your Fitzgerald's
and you didn't end your subscription to the Sanford Herald
that sit soaking wet in the driveway
I can't pick up yet every Wednesday the walk weighs down on me
pulling the trash can back all I think is the RBC you held in your mouth
and the sounds of the south bound train
hitting the windows like a warm summer rain
I'd kill to know his name
and then myself because there's nothing left here and it's all a goddamn shame

Scurvy D:
Guess what y’all feeling good today
got beats, got bud
so we feel no pain
We rock, don't stop
fuck hooks fuck chains
fucked our brains with the fruits of grains.
Pack the pipe with Scurvy's leaf
earn a frame when we roll 40 deep
Three sheets they new and we keep them clean
get ripped up when we spliff them bleems
Roll Back Cracker
Frames on attack
can't slack
hot tracks
got to reach the racks
no cell phone
I can't be tracked
on the d/l
when the lighters flash
notch a point
when the nets get crashed
Me old Phelps always make a splash
hit up the R for another bash
live every day like tomorrow is our last.

Breaking out my shell, smashing Crystal Skulls.
Cause for applause.
Got more balls than a Shobiz Pizza Ball Crawl, or was it Chucky Cheese?
Fuck pizza I'm a go Chinese.
I'm a Goodfella Wack-a-mole.
Karen Hill, Pack-a-hole.
Cops trace the line, Ant runs out the back
In disguise without my hat, make them think, "Oh who that?"
Oh shit my accent slipped, oh, sometimes I do that.
Money stacked like Legos, Let go my Eggo
Where is Carmen Sandiego?
Under my gumshoe bitch, I'm a stomp you.
Ain't no one want to fuck with me!
Catch me on TMZ in the limos fingerbanging chicks 'cause they go commando
Maybe it's laundry day, get my facts checked
I know they do it for the easy access.
And I do it 'cause they got great assets.
And we do this for the indo' grasses.
Bombass track and tight beat made by Wy-man and a couple puffs and six packs.
Track Name: Part II (Waking Up)
I've got human hands, human glands, human legs to stand, and a robot head programmed by a mad man.
My first breath was beside a dead man;
all that I saw was a gun in his hand.
Waste can make me fake the taste.
"Don't you hate the way your head makes your neck chafe?"
Born from screws, that's S-C-R-U-S, through and through with cold soul, no clues.
The diagram maps me out: just capacitors and LEDs for a mouth.
The pages torn from my book are blank
and the heat sinks deep in blood stained grout.
The sea can't feel me
because I'd die from the rust and trust that death brings R.I.P.
So I put on this bag (it's paper)
and you're singing,
“That's so sad!”
There are flaws
and good lord I can't find the cause.
Not with Faust or a shotgun in my jaws.
Everyday I read
and every tree will fall before me
I get sick counting to infinity.
I've fallen F-I-F tee stories high.
I see everything broke in perfect symmetry.
(Side note - this shit is confessional. Head back, watch what you think is professional.)
It's just a matter of time
before I take this fake ass life of mine with a nine.
But where's the rest of us?
They must've been crushed when I first woke up.
And I won't choke up
because I'm man-made
and my life's already lost.
Every breath ends with death as the cost.
It must be just
when it's all just part of
waking up.
Track Name: Gracelyn
It's how I feel
It's how I feel
and nothing's gonna ever, ever take that away

Roam no longer
You just came home
Take her in your arms
that feeling makes you always feel strong
It's about the bond
the mighty thing we always build on
Rise from the ground
to the top
It defines home
Like the chorus sings, it's all about how you feel
There's nothing higher then the journey to an ideal
It's about the love and the lights, it's the real deal
Forever after and the rest, comes respect filled

There's a connection in your hearts
Effervescently art
Ever since the start
there ain't a single thing to keep you apart
On roads unknown
there ain't a reason to ever go alone
cause there's a
Light home, wherever you roam
And from the east to the west
doesn't matter where you rest
cause you're blessed with these confessions
bound and professed
Keep shining on and on
illuminate lyrics in your song
It's for real, raise your voice up with us
singing, "It's how I feel!"

(It's how I feel)
(It's how I feel)
(and nothing's gonna ever, ever take that away)

Last time we'll ever have to walk this road on our own
Gonna make it home
Light shines in the darkness of the night
Guides us no matter where we roam

Here we go
'CLICK' Mental picture, like Cam lit from the sun on the soccer field
It's the one that I've kept from the back of Governer's Hall
where you two are face to face with the light, the call
the beckoning that I don't yet see
Still, it was there (and I'm trying to be good at remembering everything)
But this stands out
and into now at the ceremony
I'm so glad I'm here to see
everything then
come true now!

Scurvy D:
You can't break
what you didn't make
and the bond you share
is solid state
Fate gave shape
no rage, no hate
Love paved the path you take
You steered clear
of the fear of change
that besets even
the sharpest of brains
And remained true
all the same
feeling no pain
Love is best served
straight to the vein

(It's how I feel)
(It's how I feel)
(and nothing's gonna ever, ever take that away)

Last time we'll ever have to walk this road on our own
Gonna make it home
Light shines in the darkness of the night
Guides us no matter where we roam

(Light home, wherever you roam...)
Track Name: Hot Night
Scurvy D:
You got blue lights
I got a mic
I can take a hike
where ever I like
this shit sets me off
no wasted thoughts on cost
ever chill like Bob Ross?
You got reasons to fear
I could end your whole career
your cuts crystal clear
deciphered your cipher
my intelligence hyper hot
on your live wire
of your truth
quit stealing my youth
with your lack of couth
pull like a tesla
measure and test you
see you just a jester
tobacco hotbox
weed on the rocks
holy like the cross
glamor from the dross...

Don't fuck with the big four oh
we the stars of this show
just know
we want to flow
watch as our plans unfold

it's the same old us
Filling your bitch's tank
'till she's all filled up
Mental image
I'm all brain damage
I be the meat
Inside of your sex sandwich
On the throne
the king of donruss.
Holla gram back (kak)
We ain't no mockups
Take it and make it what you want?
Your figure wavy
A camel's hump
Get your phone
now you can call me
Legs will shake
Like the hands of Ali
Caddy's top shelf
Wheels are made of chrome
ET Phone Home

Dropped to his knees, he can't breathe HA
choking on the corner of his sweatshirt sleeve
and this is my impression of Anthony
"My mother fucking bike was gay ass purple G"
So I sing in a low hollow a flat key
I bet Chet would bring your life heck
all night, that right? Thumbnail covers up the kite.
and the days are cold and I'm still old I'm told
and I could fold up into coal
and burn so
watch me jump from the towns tallest trees
watch me swim until my lungs break free
and watch me watching people watch tv
just watching, so watch me

Don't fuck with the big four oh
we the stars of this show
just know
we want to flow
watch as our plans unfold

I draw a point five line through the center of a duck
so what? I must bisect this motherfuck
set fire to your jade esclade truck
I can't shut up
take me away before I self destruct.

Don't fuck with the big four oh
we the stars of this show
just know
we want to flow
watch as our plans unfold
Track Name: Shallow Grave
Dust swells up as I ride the brakes
I see two growing lights coming at me from the right
As the grit settles down
it's my boy FoJay
One step at a time
on his own weary way
Couldn't be a better time
nor a more perfect place
an extra set of hands
in this dirt and shovel race
Unsure where to go
No way to say no
A coin in my pocket pays Charon my toll

Black laid out like a blanket in the night
No better concealment for this grim plight
The grave always tells the tale better than the act
The stars and the beyond are no different
when you're lying on your back
In a bodybag, cursed with regrets you can't let go of
Time passing through the timeline
No way to make it slow
Down to the last rope
Unsure where to go
No way to say no

Two paths converge as the journey unfolds
Spade to the ground, another grave grows cold
Never deep enough to hide it from the light
Never far enough to keep it out of sight

Two paths converge as the journey unfolds
Spade to the ground, another grave grows cold
Never far enough to hide it from the mind
Just deep enough to hide it from blind

Death is creeping up behind me patiently
I urgently tend to the grave so that my thoughts don't bury me
in guilt, I sail a ship on crimson seas of blood spilt
With no sign of land, only the shovel in my hand
I gotta finish the job, no matter what the cost
Put the past behind me, make up for time
lost and found
The resting place isn't safer on high ground
In this town of grim reapers, Deep Sleepers unbound

To roam, direction unknown
Travel along
I feel a cloak and a scythe so I travel not alone
A dusty wave crashes in a sea of sand
Its tidal flows are controlled by the steel in my hand
My shadow seems darker than it did yesterday,
its back weighed down by the debts to be paid
Imprints of its steps fall faster then mine
on fate's guided lines, take the one less traveled by

Two paths converge as the journey unfolds
Spade to the ground, another grave grows cold
Never deep enough to hide it from the light
Never far enough to keep it out of sight

Two paths converge as the journey unfolds
Spade to the ground, another grave grows cold
Never far enough to hide it from the mind
Just deep enough to hide it from blind

Red mist seeps through
a stretch of zippered cloth
It's since been too long,
too long to put it off
The eyes don't even open
when my fate cries wolf
It's like a shallow whisper
in a crowd of thoughts lost
A beacon to the times,
a reason for the ryhmes
It's the cloud upon my mind
I simply made forever mine
by the actions ill or kind
made unable to rewind
Death's blade, glint of light
and that was my only sign

Memories burn red, cross the container
The dirty schemes, the prayers are rising like steam
to cover dead dreams
Not flattering.
I'm flattening fiends
Supposedly wicked doppelgängers of me
I turn to see the city lights of the freaks
as they pursue the tracks of my feet,
dance in the shadows mischievously
Dust rolling like the ocean as they walk in their sleep
Drive the tombstone in the dirt, oblivious the journey's worth

Two paths diverge as the journey unfolds
Spade to the ground, another grave grows cold
Never deep enough to hide it from the light
Never far enough to keep it out of sight

Two paths diverge as the journey unfolds
Spade to the ground, another grave grows cold
Never far enough to hide it from the mind
Just deep enough to hide it from blind

See/Hear them walking in their sleep and they're following after me
Never far enough to hide it from the mind
Just deep enough to hide it from blind
Track Name: Please Please Please (One Cigarette)
Well you left
and I think of the last day I clutched your chest
and the things I forget, like:
December 9th, March 8th, July 6th
when I showed up late to your pop's funeral date.
I'm a reprobate, I know, and you still
forgave, but I'm here to make it up,
change it up,
or believe I’ve got the will to still stand tough.
There’s a cow in pasture.
I can’t breathe much faster.
I’m just a ghost you can’t capture.
Box step with me.
Let’s take it 1-2-3,
I’ll take the first step back, then repeat.
I’ve got a friend at war,
pride written like the lore of old soldiers.
As he stares at his feet,
in a trench,
feels his stomach clench
at the sight of a flying finch.
Slugging master cylinders
with cinder in your hair,
don’t act scared.
Don’t think no one cares.
Kicking a dead man with an old shoe
making sure the dead are dead
is what you have to do!
Cash in your checks,
places your bets
on anyone but me
I’m a second place man.
The future’s not ours to see…
I’m the best man to be asking you please.
Please, please, please.
1. I’ve got nine millimeters, one cigarette, a fully loaded clip.
2. I feel the bullet through my head and ask, “Is this what you were born to do?”
3. I was never keen on the idea of being half human, half machine.
4. I could go to war, kill everything, or nothing to destroy every being.
5. I’m lucky to be alive, to be born, to even dance waltz next to you.
6. I got six shots left and I’m pointing them directly at their chests.
7. You belong in heaven. It’s so obvious in that dress, that blouse, those shoes.
God ain’t got a fucking clue
if he don’t take a minute to choose to save you.
So all we’re left with is this message,
this visage.
We’re invested in a half-a-beer
and past-due postage.
Scurv’s on the smokage.
And some days I can’t wake up.
Wait three days before I shake that dice cup.
Blink once for yes,
twice for no.
All I know is that I can’t let go.
Please please please.
Track Name: Down South
Slow down, take a flash frame, take it all in the scene,
moment goes by moment goes , ‘cause it'll never be the same.
Pan across the image of a day in 40 life,
Wy-man in the headphones weaving the beat right
Got Forrest, no more Taurus, still keeping the lines tight.
Anthony in the distance still raising the name's height.
Got Scurvy D in his patent Red Wings,
He's talking hockey like a jockey after-a triple crown victory.
The rest is rather self-explanatory, it's our story
Repping mid-atlantic, we float icebergs to Titanics.
It’s semantics, don't you panic, I’m hypoallergenic
but satanic, still romantic
‘cause the flow it flows gigantic.

Like back in the day, back in 220 at UNCA,
back when we rocked the flavor like a novice.
DJ D brought the beats via the mixed CD’s,
We peep the cheese, rhyme we seize, and then we smoke some trees.
We try to appease and bring the listener to their knees.
Got the chops, drop top, lyrics rain, don't stop.
Going to make your body rock, whether it's granite,
eclectic, we'll always make it phonetic.
We're flow-centric, we never cop out,
until the flame of time drops out.
40PF, we reign the treble clef and bass,
We proudly represent the south.
Stationed here within the North Cackalack,
we shall attack with a kak kak kak,
chillax, we'll puff that wacky tabac.
Elite, you have been thrilled with a yummy rap treat.
Our beats creating heat on the cold concrete.
Got Wy on the Studio, me tickling keys like Cooby,
another verse, if you please.

Coming through the frame of the door, I walk out
I can't remember what I was saying, so I stare at the floor
No doubt
It was important, I hope it wasn't a portent of what's to come
Like 40PF on this track, you better run
To here, to fear, to write Dear Abby about
I've lost the address so many times that I can't even count.
And that's not something I do
I can't remember everything except you and me,
and all the things I never took you to see.
But that's not here or there,
close but not entirely bare,
naked in the bathroom, it's impossible not to stare.
Do I dare take a minute to stop and think,
think about what I'm about to do,
while you're brushing your teeth over the sink.
Suds upon suds, cud chewing cud,
my mouth is like a dark whole filling up a porcelain poetry tub,
with brass feet, the only kind you see in magazines,
on the cover of the next Source, you'll see me and everybody.

Scurvy D:
Just another day around my way
staying hella blazed and chilling with the Frames.
Scoping out the honeys, living with no shame,
no laze in our game, be prepared to rearrange.
When the core busts down your door,
like Forrest with the dough looking for some whores.
I hope you’re fucking ready to change your fucking drawers
shit running down your leg and dropping to the floor.
Rapping ain't tough when you puff puff puff,
on that dope ass shit that really fucks you up.
Lay low in the cut, but take your chance to strut,
the end of your life is gonna be abrupt.

First of all, I don't give a fuck.
Second of all, yo what?, I still don't give a fuck.
That's how it goes in my neighborhood.
Walk a mile in my shoes, Glock shots to your head.
Kicks stolen from you and tied in a knot,
thrown over power lines to mark the crack spot.
Six bullets in your head keep on firing,
reload the clip 'till it becomes tiring.
Blowing off steam I be a fucking train,
Head shaking, eyes red, I'm going insane.
Rhymes coming out, who the fuck's gonna stop them?
Chugging down 40s 'till they empty out the bottom.
Brown bagging on the corner of 5th and King.
Bitches getting paper and blowing up my pager.
Bling bling I'm so icy call me Snow Man.
Holla at your boy if you need some blow man.
Scurvy D's got more bricks than the home on home alone,
so if you looking for green, you know who to phone.
Creep up slow, and get my nine, ready to blow they brains all over the fucking road.
First of all, I don't give a fuck.
Second of all, you know, I still don't give a fuck.
Track Name: Time Stands Still (in 220)
220 is the room where we cut our teeth (except my teeth...HAH! I keep this shit tongue-in-cheek)
I always go back to yellow-stained walls, reek of chemicals and songs that still echo in the halls
of this paper bag head
Things we said
The ink that bled through plain white sheets that read, "WE ARE HERE! 40PF!" and nothing elsewhere
means anything more than when it hits your ear
I'm in a Nook writing another E A R rhyme and we're all frozen standstill in my mind
To keep forever the pleasure and the pain, condensed into every single one of the Forty Frames
that plays constantly, shaking me to the core
The rapture of a verse, and from anyone unrehearsed, is more than enough
to remember one time in a place I loved living with face to face

You, thrown in all directions
You, epitome of perfection

Do you believe that its been so long?
5 years kickin' and we still stand strong
Every move plotted, no turn was wrong
Now tell me you don't gain from hits from tha bong
Time Stands still in 220 Mills
You can do what ya want, but ya betta keep it trill
Reality's a dose of that jagged little pill
But wit our rhymes man, we aim for tha kill
DVD Broke, it's goin' in ya Points
Jot it down, Ant
Wyatt Wyatt on tha joints
Forrest on tha mic, he won't disappoint
and me, Scurvy D, servin' up match point
This legacy was made in a cloudy haze
You can lick tha paint and get high for days
It's seen a lot of weight, this room will neva change
The OG home of Forty Psychic Frames


There went my gat
You under my wheels
and your body goes SPLAT!
Bling bling on my mind
Got rims on my ride
You can see em shine
when I do my drive-by (kak! kak! kak!)
Tear posters off the walls
Phillip Horner suckin balls
Play Bone again,
crack ya mother fuckin skull
Dave Grohl will play
with Motorhead's Lemmy
Y'all be retarded
cause Y'all go, "Timmay!"
My nine's outta place
cuz it ain't in ya face
Shittin out Cici's
"Welcome to Feces!"
yo Lil Sis, still runnin' red lights?
Odds ain't great on Win, Lose or Die!
Cruisin Myrtle Beach
chillin with some blondes
Break out the 40's,
they all give me nods
Here y'all go
You remember dis, neah?
Cause If you don't, I be blastin you to shit-TAH TAH!


Even though we've parted ways, I hearken back to the days
Straight chillin at Mills, the birth of Forty Psychic Frames
Anthony, Wyatt! Wyatt!, me, and Scurvy D
Fantastic Four, form the core, the incredible emcees
from the 220...pack up the herb
Quadrangle to Botanical, master nouns and verbs
Chow down at the Caf, beer, fun and flicks
Big Daddy J with the anime and SUPER GRAPHICS!!!
Go to school with Gimbiambi
Tennessee River Run and Turn Back to the Hottie
Snow days, essays, and ashtrays
Dank smoke and Heaven cloggin up the airways
Fog's gone, sucked up out the bong
But the memories live on through the guise of our songs
Even after all these years, damn right it was good
Cause in my mind it's still our Permanent Neighborhood

Day I knew you would leave...
Knew you would leave...Knew you would leave...Knew you would leave...

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